The Tenth International Arts and Design Symposium “Work in Progress : CLEAN DESIGN”

The Tenth International Arts and Design Symposium “Work in Progress : CLEAN DESIGN”

The Tenth International Arts and Design Symposium “Work in Progress : CLEAN DESIGN”

by Council of Arts and Design Deans Council of Thailand (CADDT) together with College of Design, Faculty of Digital Arts, Rangsit University.
This year we welcome the Faculty of Architecture and the Conservatory of Music, Rangsit University to collaborate with us in organizing the event.

International Arts and Design Symposium “Work in Progress” (Founded in 2012) is an international forum for scholars, designers and artists from various fields to share their works in progress.

Call for Papers
We warmly welcome to submit your arts & design works and research papers this year and please submitted by April 30, 2022. Instructions for submission are available at:

Project Descriptions
“Designer” are the weavers of “extraordinary creative ideas”. The end product of their work is the synthesis of imaginations and dreams built into reality.

Humans possess creative thinking ability. Our ways of thinking and acting are so powerful – they can create positive and negative impacts to the world. And one of the most brilliant tools to tackle all the current nightmares happening in the world is “Design Thinking”.

“Clean Design” is the source of a good and fulfilling life where human users can reach their hedonistic sustainability. This approach, once applied extensively, will ultimately lead to sustainable urban development as well as design works that enrich human imagination for generations to come …

Clean design is portrayed through design forms and the environment designed into clean- design-shaped space. The relationship between the architecture and human is the key element to the design. The clean environment within the radius of clean-design-shape space is free from pollution and contagious diseases. Such public space invites humans to think, discuss and create “Now Normal Lives” together.

Additionally, design thinking process should be implemented beyond the radius of this clean-design-shaped space so that we can achieve a good and sustainable Now Normal way of life in a broader sense.

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